Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goals for March

Some notes and goals for this next month, arranged by area of brain-space.

1. Finish one short story per week (what does this mean? first draft? finished product? we'll see.)
2. Kester's Monster (working title) - finish final revisions & rename it
3. Ammit & Co (short story cycle I wrote in Korea) - Assess, clean up and continue
4. Brainstorm for more stories. (I have a list already, which I will use and to which I will add).
5. Writing Exercises -
a. Transform weird news feed articles into short story seeds
b. Set aside a day or two now and again for Speed Writing (story, RPG, whatever)
c. Carry small notebook. Write observations.

1. Monday Night Cogs via Skype - Finish up.
2. Occult Research Bureau via Posts - Start. Continue.
3. Other Games in Person (In a Wicked Age, Don't Rest Your Head, etc) - Play.
4. Engel s02 - Work out details

1. Continue looking at post-grad programs
2. Reflection on authors for personal study
3. Continue investigation of Literary Theory for personal study

1. Finish training for ESL job, start teaching.
2. Find another job. Quick.

1. Exercising: running, toning, etc.
2. Eat healthy foods.
3. Avoid unhealthy foods.

1. At least one book a week.
2. Not just speculative fiction.

+Internet and Computer+
1. *Dramatically* cut down time wasted. (Facebook reduction is just a start.)
2. Actually participate in those forums things I read. Do this while still paying attention to the above goal.

1. Spend time with friends.
2. Make some new friends.
3. Be a better correspondent with people not present.